Venus transit in Scorpio

Venus transit in Scorpio

From today, till December 15, Venus will be in the sign of its fall - Scorpio. The probationary period for personal relationships begins. Especially for cows, lions and lizards it will be difficult to maintain the current situation. Water signs will not lack news and adventures in this regard.

 This transit highlights healthy and unhealthy rides in our personal lives. Scorpio leads to a strong beginning or a strong end to a relationship. However, the transit in Sagittarius will add a relatively light and positive mood.In addition to a romantic relationship, relationships with friends and family will also be important. Scorpio will analyze the depth and seriousness of this or that connection.

 As the most emotionally profound sign, he does not like superficiality. The connections that calmly handle this transit are deep enough and important. In other cases, they are in danger of collapsing.Venus also touches on finances.

 It is a dangerous period for the accumulated resources and the money spent. Try not to freeze finances for fear of losing them and, conversely, look for sources of income increase that will appear repeatedly over the next month.

 I wish you good luck and spiritual growth!