Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse

November 30 is the lunar eclipse in the sign of Gemini. Periods of eclipse are always associated with significant changes that seem to be forced and less pleasant but necessary and again beneficial to us. Gemini governs mind, communication, close acquaintance, transportation, education.

 When we are on the moon, the twins are a kind of translator who conveys our subconscious desires and emotions in a language we can understand. Therefore, pay attention to your own thoughts and fantasies, if they seem absurd to you, they have a real and useful basis for you.Especially since in the current circumstances, reduced communication with others, allows more discussion with oneself.

 The full moon and its eclipse, will reveal the thoughts that you have been neglecting for a long time and will give you the next chance to comprehend them. This event will be equally important for all zodiac signs. The eclipse corridor is the tunnel through which it is necessary to prepare for great changes.

 Use the period before the December 14 solar eclipse to re-evaluate the direction of your own life path. Gemini is learning, information, conversation, Sagittarius is the individual conclusion, ideology and goal based on it. Remember that, changes first begin in the mind and then manifest in the physical.

 I wish you good luck and spiritual growth!