Astrological Review For 201

Astrological Review For 201

 Loaded with difficulties after 2020, 2021 will be loaded with more positive changes. Of course, not all problems will be magically solved from the first day of the new year, but gradually the relief of the situation will become noticeable.

  One of the most important changes will begin in mid-December, when Jupiter will leave its sign of the fall - Capricorn, and in a much more favorable location - will move to Aquarius. Jupiter is the ruling planet of travel and international connections, while its positive influence in Capricorn is minimized.

  That's the global limitation of transportation in the Union. And from next year, it is likely to recover slowly. Being in Aquarius will increase international relations and team activities and take on a new look. This can also be reflected in the refinement of online services and projects.

  In parallel with Jupiter, Saturn also changes its sign and will also move to Aquarius, where it will be for almost three years. The principle of Saturn is restriction, reduction, and Aquarius is the ruling sign of freedom and innovation. Therefore, there will still be many social constraints during this transit. However, it will also bring about fundamental changes in social order and duty-rights.

  For those who have Saturn in Aquarius in the natal chart, soon the so-called. Will have the return of Saturn, which will determine the period of their significant social and professional realization.Transit to the same sign of Saturn, the planet of expansion - Jupiter and the planet of limitations - will bring interesting results. This is not the case when Jupiter and Saturn are special periods for just one particular sign, even Aquarius, as public planets, not personal ones, so their influence is more global and fundamental, and absolutely important to everyone.

  This interaction will work something like this: many plans, goals, dreams will be thwarted, hopes will appear that will eventually be in vain, you will find that many things in your life and relationships that once seemed to work no longer work, you will have to make many forced changes to your goals and their implementation.

   The point is, only those ways and methods that actually work, that are usable, and that are needed to achieve a tangible goal will remain. Anything that might have been fun but was actually a waste of time will be limited and the focus will shift to more important things. For some it will happen voluntarily, for some it will be forced, it will have an impact on both the individual and the global scale. Therefore, I recommend that you prepare for big changes and adapt to a new model of life.

  The main thing is to get rid of harmful phobias and unhealthy rides, the universe and the planets do not act against you, on the contrary. Overall, 2021 will be a year full of potential. The influence of Aquarius pushes us towards mutual assistance and humanitarian actions. Standing by each other and overcoming difficulties together will be the task that the next year will prepare us all equally.

  Despite the fear, we must continue to move forward, realize our rights and responsibilities, and move to the new stage of the Aquarius millennium, where human relationships and individualism are paramount.

  I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a busy 2121!